Monday, March 21, 2011

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  1. This is NOT a documentary about the shows at Woodstock and there is absolutely NO footage of the show. In fact, the show is more or less the back story for the movie, however, the movie is about what went on AROUND the show, before, during, and after, for a particular family and the quirky characters who lived in the town that somewhat unwillingly hosted the festival.

    It's a very fun movie and the various characters are quite amusing. Essentially this is the story about a young Jewish man who has all types of grand schemes to help his parent's failing motel. He usually puts on music festivals featuring local, teenage "talent" and has grandiose ideas about turning his parent's dumpy motel into an international resort. His parent's hotel is one summer away from being foreclosed upon and he overhears that a large music festival with big name musicians such as Joan Baez, The Grateful Dead, etc. has just lost it's permit in a neighboring town. He calls the producers and arranges for them to visit the town as a possible alternate venue for the festival. The majority of the story is about the main character, his parents, and the various characters who come to stay at the motel to prepare for the festival.

    I personally thought "Taking Woodstock" was a very fun, entertaining "docudrama" movie to see with my family. Even if you have NO interest in Woodstock or the culture during that time you will still beable to enjoy this movie for the humor.

    **PLEASE NOTE** there are a few brief scenes with frontal nudity, both male and female. It's done in a way that supports the ideals and feeling of freedom from the 1960's and is NOT presented in a sexualized manner.