Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Soul Sacrifice" - Santanna/ WOODSTOCK '69

Reasons why?! Carlos Santana is important to latin rock:

Carlos Santana is one of those rare musicians who comes along and completely changes the landscape of musical culture. His formative guitar riffs and signature tone have made him one of the most recognizable and influential musicians of all time, and he is revered worldwide as an inspiration by some of music's most amazing talents. With an estimated 40 albums to his credit, which have sold a collective 90 million albums worldwide, as well as 10 Grammy Awards, 2 Latin Grammy Awards, a Latin Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award, and an induction into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, Carlos Santana is a musical virtuoso who's music has defied genre, time, and culture. Simply put, his music speaks to everybody, from fans to critics alike, and it can be said that Carlos' guitar playing is among the most soulful guitar playing ever captured on record or played live. His live performance of "Soul Sacrifice" at the Woodstock music festival instantly catapulted him to guitar legend status, and over the years he has played alongside such musical icons as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius, Jack DeJohnette, Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter, Willie Nelson, Patrice Rushen, Alice Coltrane, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Carlos was placed at number 15 in Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 100 Guitarists of All-Time list, and he has influenced everyone from Prince to Metallica's Kirk Hammet with his amazing guitar work. It is often said that you don't hear Carlos' guitar, you feel it, prompting Hip Hop producer Wyclef Jean to remark that Carlos "makes his guitar cry." In a career that spans nearly 50 years, Santana has broken down musical and cultural barriers with his music, and become one of the most intriguing, and spiritually inspiring musicians of all-time.

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